Alysse Weinberg and Michael Davidson Cottage Directions

How to Drive to Lake Sinclair From Ottawa/Hull

Lake Sinclair in Quebec - west of Wakefield, north of Masham. The whole trip takes about an hour and a half from Ottawa.

Enter onto Highway #5 at Maissoneuve and Sacre Coeur, Hull. Drive north in the direction of "Maniwaki" about 28 kilometers.

Take the La Peche (Exit 28) #366 exit.

  • In the first roundabout, take the exit under the bridge to Highway #366.
  • In the second roundabout, take the first exit again to Highway #366 and La Peche.

    Drive 13 minutes or 16 kilometers west to rue Cleo Fournier that is marked by a flashing light. On the way you will pass a large church in the village of Masham.

    Turn right onto rue Cleo Fourier. Drive 17 minutes or 17 kilometers to chemin du Lac Sinclair. (There is a large and historic village cross on your right when you arrive there.

    Turn left onto chemin du Lac Sinclair. This is a very windy road. Drive 10 minutes or 6.5 kilometers to the stop sign at rue Fieldville and chemin Simon. This stop sign has a Lac Sinclair Cottage Association sign there.

    Turn right onto chemin Simon. Drive for about another 2.6 kilometers. You will pass a Boy Scout camp sign and chemin St.Amour (pass and stay to the left). Follow the "Chipmunk Bay" signs. You go down a steepish high hill and then shortly thereafter pass chemin Bernier (pass and stay to the left) up a second hill. When you get to the top of this second hill, ours is the fourth cottage to the right -- 170 rue Simon.

    The Davidson-Weinberg cottage is at 170 rue Simon on the lake. The cottage is white and green with a metal roof. Look out for our rocky sculpture of large boulders piled one on top of the other. Park on the grass.

    The telephone number at the cottage is 819 456-3550 -- a local call from Ottawa but there is no wireless by the lake.

    You might want to bring some drinking water if you are coming up just by yourself.

    For visitors going there on there own, when you arrive there you should ...

    When you leave ...