Exercise Model -- Sleepless3

Supine Bridge

Do for 1 minute. Make sure to keep your trunk stiff throughout the exercise and your arms flat on the floor.

Supine Lower Trunk Rotation

Make sure that your back and shoulders stay in contact with the floor.

Supine March

Make sure that your back and shoulders stay in contact with the floor.

Supine Piriformis Stretch with Foot on Ground

Grab your leg just below the knee and slowly draw it towards your opposite shoulderuntil you feel a stretch in your buttocks. Do not allow your back to twist or bend excessively during the stretch.

Bilateral Bent Leg Lift

Engage your stomach muscles, then lift your feet off the ground, bringing your kneestoward your chest. Return to the starting position, and repeat. Make sure to keep your stomach muscles engaged and do not arch your low backduring the exercise.

Gastroc Stretch on Wall

Place your hands on the wall and extend one leg straight backward, bending your front leg, until you feel a stretch in the calf of your back leg and hold. Make sure to keep your heels on the ground and back knee straight during the stretch.


Keep your hips level. Don’t rotate your pelvis. Avoid lifting your leg too high or allowing your spine to curve past its natural position. Feel a line of energy from your fingertips, all along your body, and out through your toes. Keep your spine neutral and engage your core to prevent your back from sagging. Don’t allow your chest to sink down toward the floor. Draw your shoulder blades back, down, and away from your ears. Keep the back of your neck in line with your spine. Move slowly and with control. Maintain smooth and even breathing. Straighten one arm and your opposite leg at the same time, until they are parallel to thefloor. Hold briefly, then return to the starting position. Make sure to keep your abdominals tight and hips level during the exercise.

Standard Plank

Straighten your legs, moving your body into a plank position, with your feet together and your elbows directly underneath your shoulders. Hold this position. Make sure to keep your back straight and look straight down between your hands during the exercise.

Push-Ups from Knees

Barre Stretch

Repeat this movement 4-5 times on each leg.

Pelvis Shimmy

Recumbant Bicycle Exercise

Neck Stretches